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Ultra Mobile Retailer Care - 855-664-6638

Unique Call-In Number with a specialized queue to provide exceptional Retailer Support 


Ultra Mobile Customer Care & IVR Portal - 888-777-0446

Provides excellent Customer Service through Ultra Mobile's Customer Care Reps and a friendly self-service portal 


Ultra TV Support - 646-490-0167


Ultra Mobile Retailer Portal -

Best-in-class Portal, exclusively for Ultra Mobile Retailers! With fast and easy Customer Activations, a cutting edge reporting portal, real-time activation reporting plus resources for merchandising, shopping and more! Call SIMpro for assistance with your user name and password. 


H2O Wireless Retailer Care - 800-939-1261

Unique Call-In Number with a specialized queue to provide exceptional Retailer Support

H2O DIRECT Retailer Portal "HDN" -

Activate effortlessy through this state of the art Activation Portal with a built in refill system! Get paid Spiffs and Residuals instantly through the portal with easy to access reporting!


H2O Wireless Live Chat -

Chat with the H2O Care team for fast, fun and easy real-time support! Simply, visit the website and click Support!


Verizon Retailer Support Line - 888‐866‐6924

Indirect Agents - Press 2

Location Code Begins with letter - Press 1

Enter Location Code: T157801 (enter 8 for T)

Press 1 and follow prompts


Verizon Prepaid Customer Service & IVR - 888‐294-6804


Verizon Port Center - 888-844-7095


AT&T Prepaid Retailer Support Line - 800-901-9878

Enter Mobile Number or Press 1


AT&T Travel Abroad Support - 408-962-1025


Cricket Wireless Retailer Support Line - 913-523-7023


Cricket Wireless Customer Service & IVR - 800-274-2538


T-Cetra/VidaPay Customer Support - 877-956-2359

24/7 Customer Service for your SIMpro T-Cetra System!


Epay Customer Support - 800-983-9385

24/7 Customer Service for your SIMpro epay Prepaid Refill System!


Incomm Customer Support - 866-236-7733

24/7 Customer Service for your SIMpro Incomm System!


Team SIMpro - (877) 9-SIMpro, (877-974-6776)


Field Sales:

 Tom Strowbridge Co-Founder - 914-391-4598

 Brian Kleinberg, Co-Founder - 914-263-7875

  Bryant Santa, Westchester/Bronx/Brooklyn/Queens/Long Island Territory Manager - 516-395-3334

  Marissa Marsicano, Rhode Island/Massachusetts/Upstate NY/Maryland/Washington DC/ Virginia Territory Manager - 401-359-2984

 Greg Sillifant, CA Territory Manager - 714-414-5659

  John Zaas, CA Territory Manager - 310-920-0118

  Carlos Suero, New York City/Rockland/New Jersey/Pennsylvania Territory Manager - 862-276-8723

  Daniel Guebara, Houston/Dallas Texas Territory Manager - 346-239-0280



Sales Support, Option #3 :

Solangie Ledesma

Lynne B. Quinn

Katie Tawil

Mike Ruiz

Alex Diaz

Michael Ciprian

Rossy Garcia

Starlin Santos

Lorenzo Rojas

Ruby Cuevas

Albert Vasquez

Ramon Jacobo

Angello Phanord

Luis Herrera

Jorbelt Hernandez



Accounting, Option #2 :

Mickie Colavito

Kriselly Urena


Shipping, Option #4 

Nicio Rojas



New Retailer Opportunity, Option #5 

Latest News



June H2O Activation incentive!

Activate 5 or more new H2O Customers in June and achieve a 55% or greater 2MR to earn a Mystery Box of H2O Swag! 


Please see details here!



Ultra Mobile - Purple iPhone Raffle!

Sell Ultra Multi-Month in June for your chance to win a Purple iPhone 12! 


Please see details here!



New Ultra Mobile Retailer June Bonuses!

Earn up to $45 Ultra Bonus per activation on top of standard Ultra Mobile compensation!


Please see details here!



Ultra Plans Available and Compensation!

Updated Ultra Plans Now Available with More Data For Less!


Please click here to review details!



Ultra Compensation! Earn More Up Front!


Please click here to review details!




Earn More Using the H2O Refill Reminder Report!

Check out our new YouTube Video walking you through how to use the new Refill Reminder Report in the H2O portal! 


Click Here to Watch!



in-Store H2O Loop Video

Download the following H2O Wireless video to play in your store! 


Play Video Here!




H2O Device Marketplace & 2 Lines for $75 Offer!

In your Authorized HDN Portal, sell an H2O iPhone or Android & Earn up to $110 at Activation!

Click Here for the Sales Process!


Offer Customers 2 lines of Unlimited LTE Data for $75!

Click Here for a Flyer with Spiff Details!



Stay Safe Best Practices!

SIMpro is open for business and will continue to support you for anything you may need! As we navigate this unprecedented time, we want you to know that everyone at SIMpro is here for you, and we really appreciate everything you do to service your communities today and everyday!

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